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DOCUFRAUD CANADA provides forensic document examination to public and private companies, banks, insurance companies, law firms, law enforcement agencies, accounting firms, investigative agencies, art houses, investors, investment firms, private lenders, government agencies, school boards, universities, regulatory bodies, trade-unions and individuals throughout Canada. Our examiners are highly accredited and court qualified. If you would like more information about our Canadian services please contact us in Toronto at 647-777-8428 or call our toll free number above.

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•Altered Numbers •Anonymous Writing •Factors that Affect Writing •Handwriting Identification and Discrimination •Signature Comparison Toronto  Canada 
•Techniques for Distinguishing Forged Signatures •Disguised Handwriting •Altered Numbers Toronto  Canada 
•Anonymous Writing •Factors that Affect Writing •Handwriting Comparisons Questioned document examination
•Document Authentication •Forgery / Signature Authentication •Deciphering of Obliterations •Identification of Additions / Deletions Indented Writings •Non-destructive Ink Differentiation / Comparison •Typewriter Comparison and Identification •Deciphering Damaged or Charred Documents •Medical Record Alterations   Questioned document examination
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